For those who have been wondering if Opatija riviera is a nice place to spend their holiday or just enjoy a short weekend, we have tried to write a brief review of some of the most interesting places to visit around here with many pictures, interesting things to do or see, giving some useful tips about the best beaches, nicest restaurants, natural beauties and excursions. If you don't know much about the Opatija riviera this site will give you some idea of what it has to offer.  

If you already was here or you decided to spend your vacation in Opatija, we will be glad to help you to find the best accommodation. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a budget, overnight accommodation, pet friendly house, a luxury villa or an apartment near the sea, we can offer you a variety of selected and cheap rooms in private accommodation,  hotels and guest houses with excellent quality and service and with the best prices for all our accommodation in and  around Opatija.

     Why should you use our service in providing accommodation? We are a local agency and it makes sense to work with someone who knows the territory and who can give you many useful tips. We live in this place and we know the place, we know the accommodation owners and many little things that can embitter your vacation, or can make your holiday an unforgettable experience. We are the ones that can deal with any unforeseen circumstances, answer all your questions and in the end save you time, money and your sanity. It is not all about pictures and descriptions or distance charts, that you can find on many other internet sites in offering accommodation units. We are trying to make a little bit more, an effort to really personalize our offer to each guest and help you to really enjoy your holiday. At the end, all prices that we offer are the respective accommodation owners prices. If you do not like them we can always negotiate with the apartment owners for you and and help you to make the best deal or give you the best suggestion.





Amazing sea view rooms
 01.03. - 01.05.
from 20 Euro / person
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Sea view apartment
01.04. - 01.05.
 60 Euro / 4 person
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Rainbow apartment
2 person from
60 Euro / night
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Family apartment near the sea from 01.06. - 30.06.
75 Euro / 4 person
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Luxury holiday house
from 01.06. - 30.06.
230 Euro / 6 person
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Apartment with garden
from 01.06. - 30.06.
78 Euro / 2 person
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Rooms near the sea
 45 Euro / 2 person
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Family apartment
01.06. - 30.06.
 65 Euro / 4 person
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Private hotel
10.07. - 31.08.
from 24 Euro / person
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Apartment with garden
50 Euro / 2 person
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Apartment with pool
01.05. -30.06. 
from 110 Euro / 4 person
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Luxury apartment near the sea
from 01.06. - 30.06.
185 Euro / 6 person
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