The Opatija Riviera stretches more than 20 kilometers along the northern Adriatic cost. It has numerous beaches that preserved their original beauty up to the present days, and each one of them tell it's own story. It is always quiet a special experience to discover numerous, small beaches, hidden in one of the hundreds of picturesque bays along the riviera or along the wonderful coastal promenade in the protective shade of many centennial trees. Each town on the riviera has a central beach, perfect for families, that are spacious with lots of children entertainments, well maintained and with all the necessary facilities for enjoyment all day long. And if you are wondering if the Opatija riviera is pet friendly you will discover that it has numerous beaches that allows the refreshment for your pets.


op-feb1a Although rainy, the winter in Opatija was unexpectedly warm. The blue sea and blue sky mixed with fresh sea breezes were suggesting and even warmer and sunny spring.